Officer Involved Shootings

In many less-resourced neighborhoods, queer communities and communities of color, police have created dangerous spaces through the disproportionate use of force and violence. This layer shows incidents in which police have discharged weapons over the last decade.

Police Harassment/Quality of Life Crimes

The character of police presence can vary dramatically by neighborhood. Many communities, such as the Tenderloin, are marked by extremely high rates of policing. This layer shows reported "quality of life crimes," which may be disproportionately enforced in particular neighborhoods/communities.

Neighborhood Demographics

Trayvon Martin's shooting is a reminder of the continued presence of racialized violence in this country. This tab contains a number of demographic layers, from which one can draw inferences about the relationships between safety, policing, violence and neighborhood composition.

% Some College or More Education

% Foreign Born

Median Income

% Limited English Proficiency

% People of Color

Median Rent


User-Reported Incidents

View cases of police intimidation, harassment and violence reported by users.

Neighborhood Boundaries




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